The Spiral

I’ve done quite a bit of traveling to Europe over the last several months and notice that spiral staircases are used literally  everywhere.  I saw them in high end boutique shops, used to access a rooftop terrace, in a bookstore and even in Starbucks!  Isn’t it a great way to save space while adding an architectural feature of a building?  Whether they are made of marble, steel or just plain wood, the  twists, turns and curves, add a bit of character and beauty to any interior or exterior.


“White is not a mere absence of colour; it’s a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite a black”

~G.K. Chersterton~

Whether it’s white furnishings or decor, white clothing or white jewelry, white flowers (especially white roses) and even white cars. I simply love the colour WHITE.

Some people may think white is boring, but I happen to love the simplicity of white.  It can sit quietly in the background allowing everything else to pop, or it can standout and shine on its own like a diamond.


I love anything white…always have and always will.

The Bicycle

While I was in Åarhus, Denmark earlier this year, I came across this furniture store called Bolia, just across the street from our hotel.  It was in this really interest building, that looked like old warehouse with strings of white light hung on the exterior  of the building.  The store was huge, with all partitioned spaces set up like individual rooms. I absolutely fell in love with the furniture almost immediately.  It was simple with clean lines and absolutely perfect for any modern or contemporary space.


As I was walking from one room to another towards the back of the store, I walked into this one room and noticed this bicycle hanging on the wall looking so shinny and new. I starting thinking to myself, why would anyone hang a bike on their living room wall? It’s supposed to be a mode of transportation, not something you would hang in your living room inside your home.  But then again…maybe it can be both Art on the wall, as well as a Mode of transportation.  A bike would look fabulous in a small apartment such as a bachelor pad where there is limited storage, and certainly be a topic of conversation at any dinner party.

Creating stunningly beautiful, yet functional interiors, perfectly suited for our modern-day clients.