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What differentiates us

Building your Dream Home is exciting, but it can also be challenging, especially if you don’t have any experience in building homes.

At RP Design, we understand how demanding building or renovating can be and the strain it can put on  not only your time, energy, and job, but  also a person’s relationship.  Making the entire process feel like a negative experience. Working with both the architect, builder and trades, we’ll oversee your project taking care of every last detail, to ensure your project runs smoothly and in a timely manner so you’ll have a beautiful home, and nothing but wonderful experience to savour forever. 

Your Dream Home will no longer be a dream, it will be a REALITY!

New Builds/Reno

Full-Service Design – From concept to completion and beyond, we handle EVERYTHING!

From conceptualizing and creating design features, providing millwork drawings, electrical drawings, as well as special feature drawings, sourcing and coordinating of materials, finishes and fixtures, to furniture placements & decor….we take care of everything! 

So, whether you’re planning to build a new home, or considering a major renovation, our full-service design package will help turn your Dream Home Visions into a REALITY!

Vision Build Package

With our Pre-Construction Design Services, you’ll have a better understand on design vision and budget before you even dig ground! 

After all, it’s much easier to move a wall that’s a mere line drawing, than it is to move a wall that’s already been built!

Together we can create the home you’ve always been dreaming of, so you can begin visualizing it throughout the planning and building process.


One-Time Consultation

Our 2-Hour One-Time Consultation is for someone who needs advise on a design dilemma, furniture placement/decor, or you’re a to do-it-yourself kind of person that needs a little bit of professional advise and direction.  During this 2-hour meeting, we’ll answer your questions and give you the guidance needed to move forward with your project on your own.

Project Starter Consultation

Whether your Renovating your existing home or planning a New Build, every project starts with a paid Two-Hour Consultation.  During this initial meeting we will discuss your wish-list, visions, and how your home needs to function for your lifestyle.  We’ll also discuss and review timelines, budget, and any administrative tasks.

   Our Process


Every project begins with 2-Hour Consultation. During this initial meeting, Scope of Work is determined, Contract is signed, Retainer is collected and project commences.


We will start conceptualizing & creating a design plan which includes interior and exterior finishes, as well as landscaping.  Attend meetings with Architects, Builders and Trades, so that nothing is overlooked and that ever last detail for your build is taken care of.  Our team will prepare detail drawings for design features, millwork, reflected ceiling plans, elevations, sketches and/or 3D renderings as required. 

During this phase, we will also source furniture & fixtures, case goods, bespoke rugs, and procure estimates.

Our team will put together a complete presentation  package, that includes, drawings, room by room storyboards, samples of finishing materials, fabrics, wallpaper, and anything that can help you visualize your dream home before and during the construction process!


Once planning is completed, construction on your new home or renovation begins. Meeting and working with the builder and trades on site, to monitoring progress as Design Visions come to fruition.


Installation can sometimes take a few days and is one of our most exciting steps! We’ve been gathering items for months and this is when we get to put it ALL together.

Everything is ready for photos and your BIG REVEAL!!

Creating stunningly beautiful, yet functional interiors, perfectly suited for our modern-day clients.



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